• Photobook
  • Dimensions 20 x 27 cm. (closed)
  • 60 p.
  • Front / Back Cover

Photobook that simulates a magazine for women of the 1950's, whose contents reinforced a stereotype of women, the "angel of the home", including cooking recipes, beauty facts, sewing patterns and narratives focused on love

What these magazines did was to legitimize the policies of exclusion of women from the public sphere through behaviors related to fashion, home and beauty, and to confine them to the place that socially corresponded to them.

The author produces stagings that cite the sexist advertising of those years and the magazine's editorial staff intervenes to (re)embody that good housewife.



  • Photobook
  • Dimensions 13,5 x 17 cm. (closed)
  • 48 p.
  • Front / Back Cover

It is a photographic project where from the exercise of self-portrait and quoting the ironic Dadaist photomontage, the author sticks her face on the exercised body of an unknown woman, whose image has been appropriated from the web.

From there, she questions certain behaviors of the female gender -self reification- and the use of social networks as a tool for contemporary social validation.

Her face, not in keeping with that body, shows her common reality as an autonomous mother, a housewife, a worker and an art worker.