b.1980 Santiago de Chile

Visual Artist

Bachelor of Visual Arts. Finis Terrae University, Chile.

Magister © Investigation and creation of the Images- Finis Terrae University, Chile.

Her artwork goes through various media using self-portrait and ironic criticism to develop a political gender discourse.

She has exhibited her work at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes- MNBA, Museo de Artes Visuales- MAVI, Centro de Extensión del Ministerio de la Cultura, las Artes y el Patrimonio – CENTEX and in Festival de Fotografía Contemporánea de Coquimbo, Chile - FOCCO.

She has two author publications "Ama de Casa" (“Housewife”) and "Getting Fit".

She has been awarded with the National Fund of Arts Grant (FONDART, creation and production category (2021), National Fund of Arts Grant (FONDART, creation and production category (2020) and the City FONDART Grant, for artistic creation, photography, (2019).

Her work is exhibited as a permanent collection of the MINCAP Contemporary Art Collection.

I develop my work through different media resources as photography, ready-made and video performance.

I use the autobiographical self-portrait in order to re-incarnate and re-historicize stereotypes, idealizations and gender-based issues from a critical and ironic point of view. My artwork looks into my own experience in life to develop a political gender discourse in order to question the social structures of power against women who are deeply impacted by everyday violence.

I try to show and assume the total failure in gender-based issues of a classist, racist and aspirational society trying to make a point of resistance against this kind of social control over our lives.