1980 - Santiago/Chile

Visual Artist

Is from the exercise of self-portrait from where I research on issues related to stereotypes, the idealizations and problems of gender.

My work shows the violence of the daily emotional complex of woman through representation and staging using a dark aesthetic, where it can be the satire, the irony or the forensic evidence the way my body suffers the pain and the transformations of the stories that I embody.

I appropriate virtual images, forensic documents and press releases to revive in my scenic montage, my biography.

Self-portrait as an act of study, projection, performance, biography, self-indulgence and, why not, catharsis.

Has made several art exhibitions, individually and collectively, and has participated in several workshops and residencies along prominent national and international photographers.

Academic coordinator of the School of Photography at IP ARCOS, Viña del mar.

Teacher at the Professional Institute ARCOS and DUOC-UC located in Viña del Mar, in the careers of Photography and Graphic Design.


Academic degree bachelor of
Visual Arts, Mention in painting
Finis Terrae University – Santiago/Chile.


Professional qualification in teaching in
education, Mention in Visual Arts
Finis Terrae University – Santiago/Chile.